Mike Smith : Consultant


Mike has published widely and has written or co-written more than forty papers, books or reports in journals, conference proceedings and books, some for UK and other government organisations. A full list is available on request.

Mike Smith : Consultant


BSc (Chemistry and Geology), CChem, CGeol, FRSC, MCIWEM, MIMMM
Fellow, Geological Society
Member, British Geotechnical Association
Member of the Concrete Society
Member of the Society of Chemical Industry
Member of the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association

Mike is very well-known in the geo-environmental community. He was the author of the first authoritative documents published in the UK for dealing with contaminated land Ð the ICRCL reports. His areas of expertise include: investigation of contaminated buildings and sites (including gassing sites); risk assessment; formulation of guidelines and criteria; remediation; preparation of written guidance; expert witness in public inquiries and civil actions; policy formulation; and the social, psychological and economic impacts of contaminated and hazardous waste sites. Other areas of expertise include: use of industrial waste materials and by-products, cement chemistry, and durability of building materials. Mike has participated in international studies on contaminated land and has been a member of BSI and ISO committees and steering groups.

Brief Career and Recent Project Details

1995 to present Applied Geotechnical Engineering, Consultant

Consultant on a wide range of ground contamination and remediation matters including the investigation of sites for redevelopment, liaison with the Environment Agency and local authorities.

1997 to 2004 Nustone Ltd, Director

An Entrust body concerned with research on: the use of solid wastes from combustion processes including municipal solid waste incinerators in building and construction; and on the remediation of contaminated soils.

1985 -1995 Clayton Environmental Consultants Limited, Director

Responsible for work on contaminated land; utilisation of waste materials; performance of building materials and energy efficiency; quantitative risk assessment. Project Director and Manager for numerous contaminated land projects. Expert witness in planning inquiries and civil law cases.

1980-1985 Building Research Establishment, Head, Contaminated Land Section

In charge of research on: Investigation of contaminated sites; movement of contaminants; performance of building materials under aggressive ground conditions.

1977-1980 Department of the Environment: Principal Scientific Officer (PSO)

Secretary of the Interdepartmental Committee on the Redevelopment of Contaminated Land (ICRCL). Responsible for providing general and specific advice and guidance to local authorities and others on the problems of contaminated land, contributing to development of national policy.

1964-1977 Building Research Establishment, Head, Silicate Chemistry Section.